Design My Story

Design My Story is more than just designing a beautiful piece of jewelry. The purpose is to bind the past and create a new story. One that is filled with abundance, joy, love and peace for not only the mothers but their children as well. This intimate and holistic therapeutic art session will leave each woman feeling empowered, relaxed and able to enjoy the beautiful handcrafted jewelry made by them. Along with a new found focus on the new chapter they are beginning to work towards.

I would like to participate in this program:

Asking for help takes a lot of courage, and we are here for you. Many women reach out to us for help but unfortunately not everyone will qualify for our programs. In order to be eligible for our programs, an individual must be a homeless single woman and have custody of at least one child or is pregnant. You must also request a referral from your case manager.

I would like to refer a client to your program:

Referrals are accepted from Georgia based registered non-profit organizations that service single homeless mothers with children. Please email our Referral and Intake Coordinator: for more information.