Her Story

Hear stories from the women we have had a blessing of impacting. We always asks the women to share their experience with us after we have served them. This can be the experience from one of our Impact Programs to them sharing their own personal story. Before we serve in any capacity, we encourage the women to choose an empowerment word and affirmation. This is incredibly powerful, because it sets the tone for what they are about to experience with Project Eleven26. It also speaks positivity and blessings over their life and situation. Also, because we have the amazing opportunity of serving a diverse group of women, we further show our support by encouraging them to share “her story” in their native language. This is especially important for women who’s first language or day-to-day language is not English.

Primeiro you agradeser a deus por saude & por mais uma. Oportunidade & agradeco voces por esse carinho dues abencoa voces. Aminha historia & um pouco triste. Mais o importante encotre pessoa qui mi mostra amor e carinho pra mira & o mais importante & agradeco mais uma vez a deus por esse oportunidade.

Cathy Miziba

Making the bracelets, nail polish and interacting was peaceful and fun. The intention is literally verbatim of God’s teaching me to heal, prosper and pay it forward with a truly forgiving spirit. The bracelet is a strong reminder to not give up and roll.

Jenny Prosperity

Release…Just clearing my mind of all the negative thoughts and emotions. I have a new way of looking at my life as a whole. I want to be whole, feel whole and complete. I felt I am able to breathe again. As a I release the negative thoughts, feeling and emotions. I AM FREE. Thank you!

Brittany Wellness

Todo lo que he pasado pienso que no son cosas que pasa por asi, si no que todo tiene un por que … Dios hace y permite que pasemos todo esto para aprender mas de la uida y todo lo malo sera usado para bien en el futuro y Digo siempre que solos no podemos salir adelante si no que necesitamos de Dios porque neustras fuerzas tienen himite pera la de Dios siempre permanece para poder superar todo lo que hemos pasado. Lo podremos superar con la ayuda de Dios y nuestro futuro esta en manos de Dios el tiene el control de nuestras vidas. Primeramente le agradezco a Dios por permitir de estar en este lugar y por compartir un momento con ustedes. En verdad les deseo de corazon que tendran una recompensa de lo que hacen porque Dios nunca se alvida de nosotros.

Brenda Blessed

While creating my intention bracelet I felt happy and excited. I pulled the FREEDOM card and immediately felt this was definitely for me. After going through a very emotional year from losing my mother, best friend and husband in the same year I know freedom from sorrow, hurt and seeking peace is what I needed in my life. I feel the bracelet will be a constant reminder that I will have the strength to be FREE! Thank you for this experience!

Raven Freedom

Mi historia de mis ultimos 6 meces en familia una familia fingida que nunca exitio amar es hermoso no hay dolor y mi historia abla mucho de ese amor que dele que lastima que corta con mi alma… Etenido una historia por la cal e aprendido mucho se cuanto bale mi vida haora se y entiendo que soy una gran mujer can tres hermosos hijos que tengo a mi cuidado. Soy muy afortunada en aber encontrado la salida al sufrimiento. Econosido una hermosas… L.M. personas que ni me conoen y que me an demostrado earino berdadero. Mis hijos el amor mas sinsero mis higos estoy dispuesta apelear y luchar por ellas asta el fin. Soy una mujer con ungran corazon y mispensamientos y mis metas es para mis hermosos hijos ser mejor para ellos. Ser la mejor madre padra ellos trabar el doble por ellos aprender y de la yida tomar lo bueno de esta cifuasion … gracias atodes los que me an alludado al salir de la ascuridad …

Jessica Tauro

Went thru a situation where I thought someone loved me and I stayed around thinking things would get better and he would change but they never did. Until one day I said thats it I need better and to move on my life for me and my kids because they deserve better nothing less and to not be around anything that may harm them or theyre growth in life.

Emily Bettering life for me and kids

This was delightful. I enjoyed everything that I saw and heard. Your doing a great job. Please keep this going.

Xazia Acceptance

My experience was very relaxing and it made me forget what my current status / situation is at this moment. I’m grateful for you all coming to see us and giving your time and support.

Lillian Breathe

Thank you so much for this day, I am forever grateful.

Josephine Love

It makes me feel like never loose your hope. Life is like a coin which has 2 side one happiness and sadness. But whatever comes in your life, you should be always ready and strong to face. The way I make these bangles like I got a hope that after facing alot of problems in my life I can again fill up my happiness and my dream little by little. Joining one by one I can fill up my life full of happiness again. Thank you.

Mira Self-Care

Gracias. ¡Fue divertido que esta experiencia fuera tan buena que me dio la esperanza de reiniciar mi vida con mucho amor y felicidad!

Glasrimar Clarity

Zikomo chifukwa chotipatsa ife mphatso iyi lero chonde musazengereze kubwerera.

Margett Patience

My experience was very exciting. The time that it took for me to make my bracelet made me realize that patience and time is very necessary for me to have faith. Endurance is a part of faith.

Terry Faith